Class Information

Authorized Original Giron Escrima Training Groups

Grandmaster Michael Giron

Original Giron Escrima Federation Headquarters
974 Benicia Road, Vallejo, CA.
For more information regarding classes, private lessons, or seminars contact
Grandmaster Michael Giron directly:
Contact info: (707) 853-2477

Evan Rubin
San Francisco, California Division
Presently changing location
(for class schedule and location contact Evan Rubin)
Contact info: (415) 264-3069

Guro Brian Everett
Salem, Oregon Division
for class schedule and location contact Guro Brian Everett
Contact info: (707) 567-0791

Andreas Jakob Moppin
Portland, Oregon Division
for class schedule and location Contact Andreas Jakob Moppin
Contact info: (503) 422-0473

Jacob Francis
Candelo, New South Wales, Austrailia

Joseph Apostol
Vacaville, California Division
Classes are held on
Wednesday 6 pm to 8 pm
Contact info: (510) 501-8412

Guro Napoleon C. Reyes
Sonoma County, California Division 
Contact info: (707) 856-2525